The main exhibit sectors of the trade show agriMesse Thun


Agriculture and Forestry Exhibition are:Stable facilities, agricultural machinery, forest machinery, animals, animal husbandry, animal care, nutrition, logistics, milking technology, heating technology, liquid manure technology, services, consulting.
In 2017 193 exhibitors presented innovations and trends at the
trade show agriMesse Thun. 20000 visitors seized agriMesse Thun as an information platform.
agriMesse Thun is open to the following types of visitors: The public.
Agrimesse Geschäftsstelle, Schweizerische Agrotechnische Vereinigung are the trade show organizers in charge of agriMesse Thun.

The Agriculture and Forestry Exhibition is every year taking place at the Thun-Expo. Since 2000 the Fair has been modified to a very important meeting point in the Swiss Agriculture Scene.