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CAPTURE EXPO is a marketplace providing digital solutions for trade show business.

How it works?


We leverage both DB & VR technologies to capture data and provide interactive tools. We deliver properly maintained data to all parties.

3 steps to success:


Trade show calendar

Giving early access to trade show entry level, you’ll gain more visitors, more time and better organization. Most practical online trade show calendar on the market.

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Interactive floor plan

Get customized exhibition floor plan with unique interactive tools. All exhibitors including stand details visible. Requests for exhibition space directly in your inbox..

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VR Expo

Your trade show can be visible 365 days a year. Reach a worldwide audience with the VR MEXPO. Clear, modern and real.

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Trade Show Calendar

Publish your expo for free

Years ago, customers used to contact a business for basic information. Nowadays, the internet allows visitors to do preliminary research prior to visiting an EXPO.


Expo Landing Page
Trade Show Category
Trade Show Sector
Trade Show Date and Time
Location address and coordinates
Header Banner & Logo
Radius Search Integration
Online Ticketing
Video & Image Gallery
Description text
Link to Trade Show Organizer
Interactive location map

Give early access
to trade show

Interactive floor plan

Exhibitors and expo showcase

Convert simple images and PDF documents into high quality, responsive and fully interactive hall plans.

We deliver your interactive hall plan within 48 hours!


Trade Show Organizer Information
Custom made hall plan
Multiple floors and halls
Stand pricing showcase
Exhibitor details
Exhibitor ShowCase with Logo
Full Screen mode
Early Stand Reservation
Display Available Stands
Easy to integrate into your web page

Turn "Warm" Leads
into ”Hot and Qualified”

VR Expo

365 Days available

We help you to restore customer satisfaction by improving user experience before, while and after EXPO.

Concentrate on your core competencies and Know How.


Cross-browser responsive
Optimized for mobile devices
Integrate into your web page
24/7 Available
Trade Show Entrance scan
Trade Show Hall Scan
Exhibitors Stands Scan
Exhibitors Logo Showcase
Exhibitor-Hyperlink Integration
GOOGLE Services Integration

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  • Test the interactive hall plan easily by providing us with your PDF hall plan.

  • Check VR Expo DEMO and see why our technology is a revolution on the market.

  • Giving early access to the trade show information, you will gain more visitors, time and a better organization. Remember, to list your Trade Show is free of charge!

  • Reduce your capital expenditures and increase your sales opportunities.

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  • Company
  • Expo data
  • Service

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Trade Show information

Trade Show Name

Trade Show Date

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